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Wellness care is based on the premise that we are ACTIVELY working towards health, rather than reacting to illness or symptoms. Many who regularly get chiropractic care notice that not only do they have less aches and pains, but that they get sick less often, have more energy, and are able to live a healthier life! Regular chiropractic care can mean once a week, once a month, or any combination of schedules. It’s different for each person and family.

Many mothers begin care pre-pregnancy or during pregnancy. This allows their bodies to express health and for the baby to maintain optimal position for birth. Mommas get adjusted after birth, have their babies adjusted, and continue to get adjusted regularly to have an optimal functioning nervous system that fights illness and disease. Most families get adjusted as families, meaning dads can come too!

Health is a state of balance and harmony. Chiropractic takes pressure off nerves to allow for healing. The malfunction, imbalance, health loss or challenge is given more room for health and healing through an adjustment. Our hope for you and your family is that you can relate your health to our garden hose example.

  • 100% water comes out of a straight flowing garden hose
    • A straight spine allows for 100% health and healing
  • 50% water comes out of a 50% kinked garden hose
    • A mild “kink” in your spine only allows for some health and healing
  • A completely kinked garden hose doesn’t allow for any water to flow
    • Common colds, digestive issues, ear infections, fatigue, etc. occur in blocked nervous systems without chiropractic care

We highly encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nicole to learn more about how chiropractic care can positively impact your family’s health!