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No, baby, listen. I have been seeing a Chiropractor since birth. I have the immune system of a superhero. I will destroy the cooties.

We hear it all the time: “Why would a baby go to a chiropractor?” The answer is simple: nerves that control all body processes go through the spine. Therefore, all shapes, sizes and ages of people should be checked by a chiropractor to make sure their spine is straight and not pinching or putting pressure on their nerves.

  • In fact: -80% of infants suffer trauma to their spine during birth. This trauma usually goes unnoticed until symptoms such as ear, nose & throat infections, asthma, colic, & delayed developmental milestones occur.

Birth is the most beautiful process, and yet can be the most taxing on the infant spine. Dr. Nicole recommends all babies be checked for subluxations/misalignments AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after birth. This allows him or her to express health fully with an optimal functioning nervous system. Keep in mind that the pressure she uses to adjust an infant is not more than what you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato. It’s extremely gentle and effective.

Did you know Dr. Nicole travels to you for your baby’s first visit?? And it’s COMPLEMENTARY!

Parents can expect their kids to have LESS ILLNESS under chiropractic care. This is because when the nervous system is not blocked through the spine, all body processes, including the immune system, can function at 100%.

Here is a list of commonly seen symptoms in a pediatric chiropractic office: acid reflux, asthma, bed wetting, birth trauma, breastfeeding difficulties, colic, common cold, constipation, ear infections, respiratory function, sleep disturbances, torticollis, wellness care & much more!

We thank you for informing yourself on the unlimited benefits of chiropractic care for your family and truly hope to meet you soon!

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Dr. Nicole adjusts children in positions they are most comfortable in