Here is a sampling of how others feel about chiropractic care:

“Thanks again for today! Since the adjustment he's been pretty active, it almost feels like he's trying to turn. I think if he can then labor will start :)” (posterior fetal position turned to anterior, followed by a natural vaginal birth!)

“The baby likes this, I always feel them move more after the adjustment, like they have more room!”

“I’m carrying twins & I have had the most enjoyable pregnancy thanks to chiropractic, acupuncture & yoga.”

“I just feel so good after the adjustments, like a new woman.”

“My back feels better already. Thank you so much!” (reported following up with recommended exercises just 30 minutes after the adjustment, now that’s dedication!)

“He has never gone 6 weeks without an ear infection.” (a 1.5 year old who was getting ear infections at least once per month and was facing surgery for tubes, has now gone over 3 months without an ear infection, did not have to have surgery, and has an overall calmer demeanor)

“My baby definitely noticed the change & decided to move a lot last night.”

“He is such a calmer baby!” (after 1 adjustment on a 2 month old that was unable to get comfortable in most settings)

"I’ve been feeling great since my last adjustment, which makes these last few weeks more enjoyable and bearable for the things that still need done.”

Chiropractic is the best hope for your child’s nervous system to be free from interference, allowing their bodies to function at the highest level.