I, Dr. Nicole, wet the bed well into my double digit years.

Talk about embarrassing, confusing, and frustrating (for myself and my parents). I was uncomfortable having friends over and having sleepovers. I had bladder surgery when I was 8 to enlarge my bladder with zero change in my frequency of wet nights. My mother was advised a schedule to wake me up every night to use the restroom. Forget about restful sleep for either one of us on that schedule. I was given medication to prevent bed wetting. The list goes on and on. I was even babysitting other children one evening and I wet my pants after falling asleep waiting for the parents to return.


The sacrum (or tailbone) can be pinched, and therefore decreases the function of the bladder.

A five year old female had been wetting the bed for six months. After two adjustments, she had dry nights for three weeks. After a bad fall, she began to wet the bed again. She was adjusted again and remained dry.

A nine year old boy wet his bed almost every night. With a treatment plan of sacrum (tailbone) adjustments, he is dry ½ – 2/3rds of the nights between adjustments.

There are many positive outcomes with this particular symptom and chiropractic care. Give it a try!