There are nerves that pass through your lower spine and sacrum (tailbone) that innervate your reproductive organs. Reproductive organs can malfunction if the nerves are pinched by the spine or tailbone. Read below, from the ICPA, how chiropractic care has helped other couples start a family.

A 32 year old female hadn’t had her period in 12 years and was unable to conceive even with the help of fertility pills and shots. After 2 months of chiropractic care, her menses resumed, and after 4 months of a regular period she conceived. She welcomed a healthy 7.5 pound son nine months later.

A 36 year old female and her husband had both been examined for abnormalities in their reproductive systems, and both checked out with no abnormalities. She underwent a care plan of 2 months, all of her previous pain improved, and she became pregnant shortly after her care plan.

A 27 year old athletic female had been unable to conceive for 5 years. After receiving chiropractic care for one month, the couple conceived and sustained a successful pregnancy.

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